Accepted Posters

Morning session:

  1. Refinement of Observations under Budget Constraints in Active Learning - Nicolas Cebron
  2. An Active Learning Approach for Embodied Concept Learning - Shahzad Cheema, Bjöern Kahl, Timo Henne and Erwin Prassler
  3. An Active Learning Interface for Bootstrapping Robot’s Generalization Abilities in Learning from Demonstration - Elena Gribovskaya, Florent d’Halluin and Aude Billard
  4. Active Sensing for Undelayed Range-Only SLAM - Luis Merino, Fernando Caballero and Aníbal Ollero
  5. Adaptive Planification in Active 3D Object Recognition for Many Classes of Objects - Joseph Defretin, Stéphane Herbin, Guy Le Besnerais, Nicolas Vayatis
  6. Visual Perception System for an Interactive Robot - Rebeca Marfil, Juan P. Bandera, Antonio Bandera and Antonio Palomino and Ricardo Vázquez-Martín
  7. An architecture for robotic discovery and learning by experimentation - Erwin Prassler, Timo Henne, Uwe Köckemann and Björn Kahl
  8. On the automatic Entropy-based construction of Probabilistic Automata in a Learning Robotic Scenario - Sergio Roa and Geert-Jan Kruijff

Afternoon session

  1. Active Scene Analysis - Niklas Bergström, Mårten Björkman, Jeannette Bohg, Matthew Johnson-Roberson, Gert Kootstra and Danica Kragic
  2. Self-Organization of Exploratory Control - Georg Martius, J. Michael Herrmann
  3. Active multi-camera surveillance using mutual information - Eric Sommerlade and Ian Reid
  4. Closing the Recognition Loop: Recognizing and Searching for Objects in the Real World - Jason Meltzer, Alberto Pretto, Brian Taylor and Stefano Soatto
  5. Modeling and Decision Making in Spatio-Temporal Processes for Environmental Surveillance - Amarjeet Singh, Fabio Ramos, Hugh Durrant Whytey and William J Kaiser
  6. Learning Identification Models for In-situ Sampling of Ocean features - Sergio Jiménez Celorrio, Frederic Py and Kanna Rajan
  7. Visual gaze selection modeling from visual input - Andrea Carbone and Fiora Pirri
  8. Off-Policy Knowledge Maintenance for Robots - Joseph Modayil, Patrick M. Pilarski, Adam White, Thomas Degris, and Richard S. Sutton