This section describes the results obtained in the experimental sessions, focusing on the evaluation of the teleoperation system. In the first phase, we performed the screening and online test. Briefly, we found by visual inspection of the EEG data that the P300 potential was elicited in all the subjects. Subsequently, in the online test all the subjects achieved more than 93% of accuracy, and thus, all of them were qualified to carry out the teleoperation experiments. In the second phase, the subjects performed the predefined remote teleoperation tasks (Figure 7 shows the experimental settings). The overall result is that all the subjects were able to accomplish the designed tasks. We describe next an evaluation of the teleoperation system, its main functionalities and a coherence study.

(a) User station

(b) Robot station

Fig. 7. The user is lied down, concentrated on the options shown in the visual display and connected to the BCI system. (b) The robot in the execution of a trial of the first circuit.