We all are members of the University of Zaragoza (Spain):

This picture was taken the night that we achieved the first brain-actuated robot control in the lab (May 1st 2008)


Javier Minguez

Carlos Escolano

  • PhD student and main developer of the project.
  • Contact: cescolano (at)

Iñaki Iturrate

  • PhD student and colaborator of all the tasks of the project.
  • Main developer of the project Mind-Controlled Wheelchair
  • Contact: i.iturrate (at)

Mauricio Antelis

  • PhD student and colaborator of all the tasks of the project.



University of Zaragoza

Centro Politécnico Superior

Instituto de Investigación en Ingeniería de Aragón (I3A)

Grupo de Robótica, Percepción y Tiempo Real del Centro Politécnico Superior

Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (MEC)

Caja de Ahorros de la Inmaculada (Obra Social CAI)



Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña

Technical Research Centre for Dependency Care and Autonomous Living

GREC - Knowledge Engineering Research Group


We would like to thank the Knowledge Engineering Research Group of Vilanova i Geltrú (Barcelona, Spain), for the support during the experimentation sessions.

We also thank Sonu Bhaskar, María López, Belén Masía, Luis Riazuelo and all the participants in the experiments for their support in the development of the project. This work has been partly supported by the Spanish project DPI2006-15630-C02-02.