18th European Dependable Computing Conference
12-15 September 2022
Zaragoza, Spain

Call for Special Issue

Special Issue on Dependable and Secure Infrastructures and Systems in Intelligent Environments — Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments, Springer

The SI is in the intersection of the EDCC topics and the interest of the journal. The SI is focused on dependability of sensing systems, within that we consider all aspects as exemplified in the topics of interest list. The basic idea behind these systems is that by enriching an environment with technology (sensors, processors, actuators, information terminals, and other devices interconnected through a network), a system can be built such that based on the real-time information gathered and the historical data accumulated, decisions can be taken to benefit the users of that environment.

Topics of interest

  • Hardware and software architectures of dependable systems in Intelligent Environments (IE)
  • Model-driven engineering approaches for dependable intelligent systems
  • Fault-tolerant networks & ultra-reliable low-latency communication in IE
  • Dependability modelling and tools
  • Testing and validation methods in IE
  • Development of safety and security-critical systems with focus on IE
  • Dependability and security of:
    • Critical infrastructures, e.g. smart energy grids, intelligent transportation systems, smart cities
    • Cyber-physical systems, (Industrial) Internet of Things
    • Cloud, fog, and edge computing systems
    • Data analytics applications & systems based on machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Databases and distributed ledgers (incl. Blockchains)
    • Artificial intelligence approaches
  • Data protection and data privacy in IE

Papers from the Conference and Workshops need to be extended at least by a 30%, making the new one substantially different and worth to be read.

Submission instructions can be found at the following Springer link.

Direct link to submission: here.

Schedule planned

Paper Submission December 31st, 2022 →  January 10th, 2023
Review due (peer reviewed Single Blind) March 31st, 2023
Camera ready June 2023
Journal publication September 2023

Guest Editors

  • Simona Bernardi, University of Zaragoza, Spain, simonab[AT]unizar[DOT]es
  • Matthias Eckhart, SBA Research and University of Vienna, Austria, meckhart[AT]sba-research[DOT]org
  • José Merseguer, University of Zaragoza, Spain, jmerse[AT]unizar[DOT]es
  • Simin Nadjm-Tehrani, Linköping University, Sweden, simin[DOT]nadjm-tehrani[AT]liu[DOT]se

For any information, please send an email to guest editors.