18th European Dependable Computing Conference
12-15 September 2022
Zaragoza, Spain

Accepted papers

List of regular papers

  • Christian Berger, Hans P. Reiser, Franz J. Hauck, Florian Held and Jörg Domaschka. Automatic Integration of BFT State-Machine Replication into IoT Systems.
  • Shuhei Enomoto and Hiroshi Yamada. A Multi-variant Execution Environment for Securing In-memory KVSes.
  • Pablo Gil Pereira, Andreas Schmidt and Thorsten Herfet. DeepHEC: Hybrid Error Coding using Deep Learning.
  • Joseba Andoni Agirre Bastegieta, Behrooz Sangchoolie, Katia Di Blasio, Jose Luis De la Vara and Ahmet Yazıcı. Multidimensional Framework for Characterizing Verification and Validation of Automated Systems.
  • João R. Campos, Ernesto Costa and Marco Vieira. On the Applicability of Machine Learning-based Online Failure Prediction for Modern Complex Systems.
  • Ali Sedaghatbaf, Mehrdad Moradi, Jafar Almasizadeh, Behrooz Sangchoolie, Bert Van Acker and Joachim Denil. DELFASE: A Deep Learning Method for Fault Space Exploration.
  • Daniele Ottaviano, Marcello Cinque, Sara Dubbioso and Gianmaria De Tommasi. RPUGuard: Real-Time Processing Unit Virtualization for Mixed-Criticality Applications.
  • David de Andrés Martínez, Juan Carlos Ruiz García and Ilya Tuzov. Reversing FPGA architectures for speeding up fault injection: does it pay?.
  • Ayham Kassab, Etienne Rivière, Guillaume Rosinosky, Ramin Sadre and Viet-Hoang Tran. C2B2: a Cloud-native Chaos Benchmarking suite for the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain.
  • Francesco Mariotti, Matteo Tavanti, Leonardo Montecchi and Paolo Lollini. Extending a security ontology framework to model CAPEC attack paths and TAL adversary profiles.
  • Robin Thunig, Michael Lenz, Peter Ulbrich and Horst Schirmeier. DECO: Optimizing Software-based Soft-Error Detector Configurations.
  • Nesrine Berjab, Hieu Hanh Le and Haruo Yokota. Trust Assessment Model based on a Hierarchical Decision-making Process in IoT Sensor Networks.
  • Fabio Arnez, Huascar Espinoza, Ansgar Radermacher and François Terrier. Towards Dependable Autonomous Systems Based on Bayesian Deep Learning Components.
  • List of short papers

  • Guillaume Ollier, Diana Razafindrabe, Morayo Adedjouma, Simos Gerasimou and Chokri Mraidha. Using Operational Design Domain in Hazard Identification for Automated Systems.
  • Misael Alpizar Santana, Radu Calinescu and Colin Paterson. Risk-aware Real-time Object Detection.
  • Alireza Borhani and Hamid Zarandi. ThingsDND: IoT Device Failure Detection and Diagnosis for Multi-User Smart Homes.