Javier Civera
jcivera Hi! I am Dr. Javier Civera, associate professor at the Robotics, Perception and Real-Time Group, in the University of Zaragoza, Spain.

My research interests are within Computer Vision and Robotics, specifically Structure from Motion, SLAM and visual recognition. I am currently lecturing 3D Vision and Control courses at Bachelor and Master level.
July 2014.

From July 28th to August 2nd I will be giving a week-long course on robotic vision at the Escuela de Ciencias Informáticas 2014 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thanks to the Computer Science department in the University of Buenos Aires for the invitation!

June 2014.

On June 30th, I am giving an invited talk at MUVS (Multi Unmanned Vehicle Systems) 2014, in Compiegne, about robotic vision. The workshop looks extremely interesting; it is directed both to industry and academia, and it addresses the vision, control and network challenges of unmanned vehicles. Can't wait to be there!

May 2014.

Very happy with our accepted paper at RSS 2014! We basically integrate Manhattan and piecewise-planar constraints in the variational approach to monocular mapping. Such constraints are of importance in indoor and outdoor man-made scenes, where the photometric constraints and standard regularization can lead to inaccurate results in areas of low texture. Our approach shows to reduce the errors in a room-sized environment in a factor 5x.

More details in the paper and the video:

Alejo Concha, Wajahat Hussain, Luis Montano, Javier Civera
Manhattan and Piecewise-Planar Constraints for Dense Monocular Mapping (draft) (video)
2014 Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS2014), Berkeley, USA, 2014.

April 2014.

Together with Wajahat Hussain and Luis Montano, I have been working on room layout estimation from audiovisual data. We got a paper accepted at AAAI 2014

Wajahat Hussain, Javier Civera and Luis Montano
Grounding Acoustic Echoes in Single View Geometry Estimation (pdf)
Twenty-Eighth Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-2014), Québec City, Canada, 2014.

We are quite excited about the possibilities of this new line of research! Audio is a quite unexplored data format that is present in most portable devices today (smartphones, kinect, laptops...).

February 2014.

My paper with Alejo Concha on the use of superpixels in monocular SLAM was accepted for ICRA 2014. Find the paper here

Alejo Concha and Javier Civera
Using Superpixels in Monocular SLAM (pdf draft)(video)
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2014.

Code to be released soon!

November 2013.

Our proposal for doing SLAM in the Cloud has been accepted in Robotics and Autonomous Systems.

Luis Riazuelo, Javier Civera, J. M. M. Montiel
C2TAM: A Cloud Framework for Cooperative Tracking and Mapping (pdf draft)(video 1)(video 2)
Robotics and Autonomous Systems, accepted for publication in 2013.

Code available at https://sites.google.com/site/c2tamvisualslam/
Code to be released soon!

October 2013.

Following our Cloud Robotics Workshop at IROS 2013, I am co-organizing a special issue on Cloud Robotics and Automation at
IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, with Markus Waibel (ETHZ), Matei Ciocarlie (Willow Garage), Alper Aydemir (NASA/JPL), Kostas Bekris (Rutgers University) and Sanjay Sarma (MIT) (and the invaluable help of IEEE T-ASE Editor-in-Chief Ken Goldberg).

Find the Call for Papers here.

June 2013.

I am co-organizing a workshop at ICCV 2013 on Wearable Vision, together with my colleagues Ana Cristina Murillo from my group in the University of Zaragoza and Mohammad Moghimi and Serge Belongie from University of California San Diego.

I am quite excited to be involved in such a promising topic; and also to have as invited speakers Kristen Grauman, Takeo Kanade, Peyman Milanfar, Jim Rehg and Bruce Thomas. I am sure it will be a great venue!

April 2013.

I am co-organizing a workshop at IROS 2013 on Cloud Robotics, together with my RoboEarth colleague Markus Waibel (ETHZ), Alper Aydemir (KTH), Ken Goldberg (Berkeley) and Matei Ciocarlie (Willow Garage). Check the workshop web for updates:

I hope to see you there if you go to IROS, it will be an excellent opportunity to learn and discuss about the great potential of Cloud Computing for robots!

November 2012.

I am looking for a PhD student on SLAM with a wearable camera, starting January 2013. Please, click here for more details on the position and how to apply.

June 2012. I will be at CVPR 2012 with the paper

Alessandro Prest, Christian Leistner, Javier Civera, Cordelia Schmid, Vittorio Ferrari
Learning Object Class Detectors from Weakly Annotated Video (pdf)
CVPR 2012.

Thank you very much
Alessandro Prest, Christian LeistnerCordelia Schmid and Vitto Ferrari for the opportunity of working with you, I learned a lot from you all.

May 2012. I gave a SLAM course in the Mechatronics department at Tallinn University of Technology. I really enjoyed my time there, thank you very much Professor Mart Tamre and Dmitry Shvarts for your kind invitation!

April 2012. A year went by so fast!! An extremely busy and exciting year, with many news but no time to update them here: I had an excellent time during my 4 months visit at Calvin group, ETHZ. I became an associate professor at Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain. I coauthored an IJCV paper with Joan Solà, Teresa Vidal-Calleja and J. M. M. Montiel. My PhD thesis was published by Springer...

April 2011. I am organizing, together with Ana Cristina Murillo, Kurt Konolige and Jana Kosecka the 1st IEEE Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities in Robots Perception, held jointly with ICCV 2011 in Barcelona.
Please, consider submitting a paper if you are working on any topic related with robotic perception. Deadline is July 1. For more information, visit our web: http://robots.unizar.es/corp

March 2011. I am in ETH in Zürich on a research visit until July, working with Professor Vittorio Ferrari.

January 2011. My PhD thesis was accepted for publication in the series Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics.

December 2010. I started co-advising the PhD thesis of Mr. Wajahat Hussain together with Prof. Luis Montano.

September 2010. I was proud to be a finalist for the Robotdalen Award, one of the most prestigious international awards for PhD theses in Robotics and Automation. In the picture I am with Uwe Mettin (left), now in Trondheim; and Matei Ciocarlie (right), the winner, now at Willow Garage. 

Picture taken by the photographer Terése Andersson.

May 2010. I released some Matlab code from my PhD thesis under GPL License --inverse depth and 1-point RANSAC--. Find it here. I also inaugurated a news section in my web :)