Visual Mapping and Navigation in Outdoor Environments.
12 May 2009. Full day workshop

The problem of navigation and mapping using vehicles equipped with sensors has been an extremely active research area in robotics during the last 20 years. Excellent results have been reported by many researchers, but until recently the most successful systems required the use of laser range-finder sensors and predominantly aimed to build 2D maps of planar environments. More recently, researchers have started to tackle larger and less structured environments by taking their vehicles outdoors. At the same time, the price of digital cameras has fallen steeply with a comparable increase in resolution and speed, opening the possibility of using such information rich sensors to obtain much more detail from the environments, beyond the capabilities of bulkier and more expensive laser sensors. The proposed full-day workshop seeks to gather some of the most prominent researchers in this field, who are currently investigating the use of visual sensors for navigation and mapping in challenging outdoor environments: urban, suburban, offroad, underwater, and airborne.

José Neira
University of Zaragoza
C/María de Luna 1
E-50018 Zaragoza
Voice: +34 976 761 947
Cyrill Stachniss
University of Freiburg
Dept. of Computer Science
Georges-Koehler-Allee 79
(Ground floor, room 1006)
79110 Freiburg
Voice: +49-761-203-8024
Stefan Williams
Australian Centre for Field Robotics
Rose Street Building (J04)
School of Aerospace, Mechanical
and Mechatronic Engineering
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006
Voice :+61 2 9351 8152

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