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Graduate Students

Iñaki Iturrate - Phd Student on Error potentials and its application to robot learning (co-supervised with Javier Minguez)

Mauricio Antelis - Phd Student on Decoding motion from brain activity (supervised by Javier Minguez, collaboration in decoding motion from EEG measurements)

Eduardo Lopez - Phd Student on Feedback protocols for rehabilitation (co-supervised with Javier Minguez)

Hector Ratia - Researcher on Inverse Reinforcement Learning


Master Thesis Students

Gullermo Navarro - MsC Thesis on Real Time Dense Reconstruction of Indoor Environments (in collaboration with Javier Civera)

Miguel Lopez - MsC Thesis on Classifying ERPs

Enrique Nasarre - MsC Thesis on Object Recognition for Robotic Tasks (in collaboration with Javier Civera)

Daniel "Warmth" Delgado - MsC Thesis on Affordance based BCI robot control (in collaboration with Javier Minguez)


Alberto Árgiles (now at RIngo Valvulas),

Cesar Soriano ().

Felix Val ().

Luis Riazuelo (working at Unizar as research technician).


Luis Montesano

PhD, Universidad de Zaragoza

Departamento de Informática e Ingeniería de Sistemas
Edificio Ada Byron, Calle Maria Luna
50018, Zaragoza, Spain

phone: (+34) 876 555280
fax: (+34) 976 76 19 14