I am graduated in electronic engineering from the “Francisco de Paula Santander” University in Colombia in the field of instrumentation and signal processing. I received a M.S. degree in electronic systems from the “Tecnologico de Monterrey” Institute in Mexico under the supervision of Jose I. Huertas, and a Master degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Zaragoza in Spain. I was assistant research in the Mechatronics Automotive Research Center and professor at the Mechatroncis Department at the “Tecnologico de Monterrey” Institute in Mexico. Currently, I am PhD student in Biomedical Engineering and research assistant at the Robotics, Perception and Real Time Group at the University of Zaragoza under the supervision of Javier Minguez.


My research interests involve the EEG source localization problem, the non-invasive estimation of local field potentials, Brain-Computer Interfaces and the recognition of cognitive states from EEG signals and electrophysiological recordings using signal processing techniques, estimation theory, Bayesian inference and sequential Monte Carlo methods. I have experience in biomedical instrumentation and EEG signal processing for the development of Brain-Computer Interfaces based on the P300 neurophysiologic protocol for the control of a robotic wheelchair and the teleoperation of a robot. Currently I am working on the dynamic modeling and solution to the EEG source localization problem using experimental neurophysiologic protocols based on event-related potentials.




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