Recent Publications

A Similarity Measure for Material Appearance
ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 38(4), (SIGGRAPH 2019)

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The Effect of Motion on the Perception of Material Appearance
SAP '19 ACM Symposium on Applied Perception 2019, Article No. 16


Learning Icons Appearance Similarity (Master thesis)
Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2018

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Transfer Learning for Illustration Classification (Bachelor project)
Spanish Computer Graphics Conference (CEIG), 2017

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Side Projects

Other Projects

Car Segmentation Challenge

Implementation of a U-net like model used for car segmentation in the Carvana Image Segmentation challenge run on the Kaggle platform.

Evolutionary algorithms

Library that aims to be a high-level abstraction of three different evolutionary algorithms: Genetic Algorithms (ga), Evolution Strategies (es) and Grid-based Genetic Algorithm (gga).

Bank Marketing Analysis

Analysis of classification methods using hihgly imbalanced data acquired by the marketing team of a bank in order to predict if a client will subscribe to a particular bank deposit.

Reverse exam answers

Use of penalized regression (Lasso regression) which consists on getting the correct answers of an exam given the answers of the students and their grade.