Cristian Mahulea

Funded Projects

  • 01.2016 - 12.2017: "Discrete Event Systems tools for planning and control of teams of mobile robots", National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Grant No. 6155011023. (PI: C. Mahulea)
  • 01.2015 - 12.2017: "Formal models and methods for healthcare systems management", Ministry of Science of Spain, DPI2014-57252-R. (PI: C. Mahulea)
  • 10.2010 - 09.2013: "Analysis and Control of Large Scale Distributed Discrete Event Systems", Ministry of Science of Spain, DPI2010-20413. (PI: M. Silva)
  • 10.2010 - 09.2012: "Modeling and Verification of Critical Software Systems", ARAID and University of Zaragoza. (PI: J. Julvez)
  • 09.2008 - 08.2011: "Distributed Supervisory Control of Large Plants", European Union, FP7-ICT2007-2. (PI: M. Silva)
  • 01.2007 - 12.2008: "Observability and observers design for discrete event systems and their fluid approximations", Integrated Action Italy-Spain, HI2006-0149. (PI: L. Recalde)
  • 10.2006 - 09.2009: "Formal techniques for analysis and design of discrete event systems. Application to logistic and real-time Systems", Ministry of Science of Spain, DPI2006-1539. (PI: M. Silva)
  • 03.2004 - 11.2006: "Continuous and Hybrid Petri nets: Modeling, analysis and synthesis", Ministry of Science of Spain, DPI2003-06376. (PI: M. Silva)


Software tools