About Me

A computer scientist, or a software engineer, or a continuous student … all of them at the same time, I think I should use an And instead …

That’s me. I took my Phd. in Computer Science under the supervision of Dr. Eduardo Mena. My main areas of interest are the Semantic Web (all the technologies that come along with it) and Mobile Computing. In particular, I’m specially interested in the convergence of the Semantic Web technologies and mobile applications.

Currently, I am an associated professor at the University of Zaragoza. Until recenly, I was a researcher in everis / NTT Data, working on large scale knowledge management and NLP systems (I’m still collaborating with them developing different semantic search solutions). Before, I was a postdoc researcher in SemLIS group at the Université de Rennes 1 / IRISA (France) working with Dr. Sébastien Ferré, with whom I still activevly collaborate. Besides, I am a member of the Distributed Information Systems Group working with Dr. Eduardo Mena, Dr. Fernando Bobillo, and Dr. Jorge Bernad. In the past, I was also a visiting researcher at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK) working with Dr. Jeff Z. Pan, with whom I also have an open research line.

Lately, my research has been focused on:

  • Regarding Semantic Web and Semantic Information Systems:
    • Semantic Search, focusing on Keyword-based Search
    • Semantic Modelling
    • Applications of NLP techniques
    • Semantic Location-based Services
    • Ontology Integration
  • Regarding Mobile Computing:
    • Processing Location-based Queries
    • Modelling Locations at Different Granularities exploiting their Semantics
    • Applications of Mobile Agents in Distributed Scenarios
    • Adaptive User Interfaces

Besides, I’m also interested in all NLP, IR, and ML techniques which might come in handy in any of my main research fields.

Apart from that, I divide my spare time between two passions: playing handball and playing guitar. Both of them make it possible to free my mind when a rest is needed :) .