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Journal Article
[RP-86-12] Velilla, S, Roy A.  1986.  Almacenamiento de imágenes en un computador PDP-11/34. :67-76.
[1498] Vazquez, CR, Ramirez-Treviño A, Silva M.  2013.  Controllability of Timed Continuous Petri Nets with uncontrollable transitions. International Journal of Control. Posted online: 01 Oct 2013
[RP-86-01] Villarroel, JL, Silva M.  1986.  Diseño de un sistema didáctico de programación y control. :97-108.
[1431] Bernardi, S, Flammini F, Marrone S, Mazzocca N, Merseguer J, Nardone R, Vittorini V.  2013.  Enabling the Usage of UML in the Verification of Railway Systems: The DAM-Rail Approach. Reliability Engineering and System Safety. 120:112-126.
[1450] Silva, M, Julvez J, Vazquez CR, Mahulea C.  2011.  On fluidization of discrete event models: observation and control of continuous Petri nets. Discrete Event Dynamic Systems: Theory and Applications. 21(4):497.
[RP-82-01] Silva, M, Velilla S.  1982.  Realización cableada de redes de Petri binarias. 6:151-155.
[1451] Julvez, J, Vazquez CR, Mahulea C.  2012.  SimHPN: a MATLAB toolbox for simulation, analysis and design with hybrid Petri nets. Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems. 6(2):817.
[RP-82-03] Silva, M, Velilla S.  1982.  Sobre la obtención del conjunto de componentes elementales de una RdPG. 6:155-160.
[1494] Vazquez, CR, Silva M.  2011.  Stochastic Continuous Petri Nets: An Approximation of Markovian Net Models. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Part A: Systems and Humans. 42(4):641-653.
[1316] Vázquez, CR, Silva M.  2011.  Timing and liveness in continuous Petri nets. Automatica. 47(2):283--290.
Conference Proceedings
Conference Paper
[1443] Julvez, J, Vazquez CR, Mahulea C.  2011.  Analysis and Simulation of Manufacturing Systems using SimHPN toolbox. CASE'2011: 7th IEEE Conf. on Automation Science and Engineering.
[RP-81-04] Silva, M, Velilla S.  1981.  Componentes conservativas elementales y realización microprogramada de una red de Petri conforme. :317-328.
[RP-84-08] Silva, M, Velilla S.  1984.  Detección y corrección de errores mediante la codificación de redes de Petri. :491-500.
[RP-84-07] Velilla, S, Silva M.  1984.  Diseño de un controlador tiempo real seguro de funcionamiento. :303-310.
[RP-85-11] Silva, M, Velilla S.  1985.  Error detection and correction on Petri net models of discrete control systems. :921-924.
[1268] Vázquez, CR, Sutarto HY, Boel R, Silva M.  2010.  Hybrid Petri net model of a traffic intersection in an urban network. 2010 IEEE Multiconference on Systems and Control.
[1226] Vázquez, CR, Silva M.  2009.  Hybrid Petri nets as an approximation to Markovian Petri nets. IFAC Conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems.
[RP-91-03] Ezpeleta, J, Villarroel JL.  1991.  Knowledge based manufacturing modelling and analysis by integrating Petri nets. :660-668.
[RP-88-04] Smith, JM, Villarroel JL.  1988.  Merging artificial intelligence techniques and Petri nets for real time scheduling and control of production systems. :528-531.
[RP-89-13] Villarroel, JL, Martínez J, Muro P, Silva M, Smith SF.  1989.  Merging artificial intelligence techniques and Petri nets for real time scheduling and control of production systems. :307-313.
[1382] Bernardi, S, Francesco F, Marrone S, Merseguer J, Papa C, Vittorini V.  2011.  Model-driven availability evaluation of railway control systems. 30th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security (Safecomp'11).
[IPVaRaReSi08] Vázquez, CR, Ramirez A, Recalde L, Silva M.  2008.  On Controllability of Timed Continuous Petri Nets. Lectures Notes in Computer Science. 4981:528–541.
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