M2H 2016
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Call for Papers

Download the Call for Papers in pdf format from here.

Accepted papers:

P.V. Rueda, J.M. Maestre, I. Jurado Flores, I. Fernández García, B. Isla Tejera and J.R. Del Prado Llergo, "Application of Robust Model Predictive Control to Inventory Management in Hospital Pharmacies". [IEEE Xplore]

K. Bengtsson and B. Lennartson, "Patient coordination in emergency departments using an event-based information architecture". [IEEE Xplore]

M. Barad, T. Hadas, R. Ackerman Yarom and H. Weisman, "Emergency department crowding". [IEEE Xplore]

S. Bernardi, J. Albareda, J.M. Colom and C. Mahulea, "A model-based approach for the specification and verification of clinical guidelines" [IEEE Xplore]

A. J. Lopez Ramirez, I. Jurado, M.I. Fernandez Garcia, B. Isla Tejero, J.R. Del Prado Llergo and J.M. Maestre, "Optimization of the Demand Estimation in Hospitalary Pharmacy". [IEEE Xplore]