M2H 2016
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Aims and Scope

This workshop intends to bring together universities and hospitals to discuss actual problems of healthcare systems related to the hospital management and see how they can receive a mathematical approach. Since the application domain is very complex, new models of healthcare organization based on advanced ICT systems and services should be proposed with the participation of both parts: academic and hospitals. The main emphasis of the workshop will be given to the applications related to the care of older patients and the involvement of the citizen in the decision-makings.


The workshop will cover all topics related to hospital management and planning problems, including (but not limited to):

  • Online / offline optimization of resource utilization or patient sequences;
  • Domain Specific Languages and user interfaces for modeling and planning by staff and patients;
  • Verification of policies and decisions;
  • Online or offline synthesis of control policies;
  • Healthcare systems behavior models;
  • Data and process mining of healthcare systems behavior;
  • Simulation and prognosis of system behavior;
  • Configuration and matching of patient activities and staff abilities;
  • Successful ICT implementations.

Sponsored by:

Technical Committee on Automation in healthcare management of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.