Multi-Workshop on Formal Methods in Performance Evaluation and Applications

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Workshop on Formal Methods and Manufacturing (WFMM'99)

Zaragoza, Spain, September 6, 1999

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The Workshop on Formal Methods and Manufacturing aims at discussing the state of the art in the use of formal techniques all along the life cycle of a manufacturing system, from its design to its operation. Different research areas have contributed to the manufacturing domain: computer science, discrete event systems, hybrid systems, operations research and optimization; contributions are sought in all these areas. Problems of particular interests are:

  • modelling and simulation
  • formal specifications and verification
  • performance analysis
  • control synthesis
  • on-line scheduling

Workshop on Formal Methods and Manufacturing
08h45: Opening Session
09h00: R. Champagnat, R. Valette, H. Pingaud (LASS/LGC Toulouse, France)
Formal methods for batch production systems
10h00: G. Hetreux, C. Artigues, B. Palomino (ENSIGC Toulouse, LAIL Lille)
A two phase method for short term scheduling in batch processes
10h30: Coffee break
11h00: F. Balduzzi, A. Giua, C. Seatzu (Polit. Torino/ U. Cagliari, Italy)
Modelling automated manufacturing systems with hybrid automata
11h30: I. Demongodin, M. Mostefaoui, N. Sauer (Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France)
Liveness of hybrid marked graphs
12h00: L. Pietrac, B. Denis, J-J. Lesage (INSA-Lyon/ENS de Cachan, France)
An approach of formal meta-modeling for the design methods of automated manufacturing systems
12h30: --
13h00: Lunch
14h30: S. Kowaleski (U. of Dortmund, Germany)
Formal methods and the processing industries: status and prospects from an academic perspective
15h30: B.C Damasceno, X. Xie (Inria Metz, France)
Integration of scheduling and deadlock avoidance of manufacturing systems
16h00: Coffee break
16h30: E. Canuto, F. Balduzzi (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
Manufacturing algebra: a formal method for modelling manufacturing systems
17h00: C. Haro, P. Martineau, C. Proust (E3I, Université de Tours, France)
A new generalized Petri net transformation
17h30: F. Basile, P. Chiacchio, V. Vittorini, Mazzocca (U. di Napoli I and II, Italy)
Modelling flexible manufacturing systems: a Petri net modular approach
18h00: --
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