Research Interests

My main areas of interest and research are: data management, mobile computing, mobile agents, vehicular networks, context-aware recommender systems, data streams, information systems, and the Semantic Web.

I am a member of the COS2MOS (Computer Science for Complex System Modeling) research group. I am currenty the coordinator of this group (group recognized as "reference group" by the Government of Aragón for the period 2020-2022). I was also the group coordinator during the period 2017-2020 (during this period the group had the recognition of "group in development" by the Government of Aragón).

Examples of Projects

  -  NEAT-AMBIENCE (Next-gEnerATion dAta Management to foster suitable Behaviors and the resilience of cItizens against modErN ChallEnges)

  -  TRAFAIR (Understanding Traffic Flows to Improve Air Quality)

  -  PASEO - Profile generation And content Suggestion in E-TOurism (Aragón-Aquitania)

  -  DataGenCARS



  -  SPRINGS (Scalable PlatfoRm for movINg Software)

  -   Data Sharing in Vehicular Networks

  -  Semantic Web

  -  VanetX

  -  MultiCAMBA

  -  Testing System for Mobile Computing Applications

  -  Data Stream Management System with Prediction Functions

  -  Synchronization in Multiagent Systems

  -  Bioinformatics (ZARAMIT project)

COS2MOS logo created by Luis Alías Ilarri

Project logos created by José Ilarri

PASEO logo created by Guillermo Azón during the time he was working in the project