Research Groups

Information Systems Group
Database Group

Research Interests

My main areas of interest and research are: mobile computing, mobile agents, vehicular networks, data streams, information systems, and the Semantic Web. I am a member of the Distributed Information Systems Group and the Interoperable Database Group.




  -  SPRINGS (Scalable PlatfoRm for movINg Software)

  -   Data Sharing in Vehicular Networks

  -  Semantic Web

  -  VanetX

  -  MultiCAMBA

  -  Testing System for Mobile Computing Applications

  -  Data Stream Management System with Prediction Functions

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Thematic Networks

  - Action IC0903: Knowledge Discovery from Moving Objects (MOVE)

Previous Projects

  -  Synchronization in Multiagent Systems

  -  Bioinformatics (ZARAMIT project)

Other Tasks

Supervision of the PhD thesis of Óscar Urra