My research interests lie in the intersection between Intelligent Systems and Distributed Computing. I am particularly interested in how techniques from autonomic computing and artificial intelligence could be exploited in order to enhance computational resource management in distributed systems. This interest has led me to study a number of possible aspects over the recent years including:

  1. The integration of fault tolerant techniques at the problem specification level (i.e. exception handling), so that in combination with checkpointing different resources can be used to complete the execution of applications.
  2. The integration of resource management mechanisms within existing distributed computing infrastructures, in particular with cloud and edge computing to: (i) evaluate where such resource management strategies could be most suitable; (ii) investigate techniques for undertaking such integration in practice.
  3. Understanding how requirements of emerging applications – such as streaming and IoT applications impact (1) and (2) – and validate these with realistic end user applications.

Visiting Scholar

Over the last years, I have been visiting scholar in a number of universities in Europe and the USA.

  • 2014-April2014-March

    Visiting Scholar (Prof. Manish Parashar)

    Rutgers University, NJ, USA

  • 2012-June2012-March

    Visiting Scholar (Prof. Omer Rana)

    Cardiff University, UK

  • 2010-September2010-September

    Visiting Scholar (Prof. Congduc Pham)

    Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, Pau (France)

  • 2008-July2008-March

    Visiting Scholar (Prof. Omer Rana)

    Cardiff University UK