Incoming Students


Welcome to the Escuela de Ingeniería y Arquitectura of the University of Zaragoza, we are glad you decided to spend some time abroad to go on your studies and have chosen our Faculty to do so. We hope these pages make it easy to find your way out among us. Practical issues such as health care, accommodation, courses on Spanish as a foreign language, … are described for you to have, before arrival, a first contact with your daily life as an Exchange student. You can contact us whenever you need some more details or your queries find no answer in the information provided in this web:


·      General Student Guide

·      Degrees offered by the School

·      Learning Agreement Form

·      Spanish Language Courses (intensive courses with 33% discount!)

·      Housing

·      Registration (after acceptance)





International Relations Office (+34-976-762233) (mail)

Rosa Martínez

Adolfo Pallarés


Vice-dean of International Affairs:

José Neira     (web) (mail)