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For materials (slides, lab, ...) of official courses at the University of Zaragoza, check here

Spring 11:

  • Compilers II
  • Programming languages
  • Introduction to programming
  • Navigation (Master Course)

Spring 10:

  • Compilers II
  • Programming languages
  • Navigation (Master Course)

Spring 09:

  • Compilers II
  • Programming languages

Other Courses:

  • PhD course on Bayesian Learning at UPC, invited by Prof. Cecilio Ángulo, June 2010
  • Athens course Spring 08: Learning robots
  • Athens course Fall 08: Learning robots

Master thesis available in the following topics:

Robot learning

Several opportunities on developing and implementing learning algorithms for humanoid platforms ( The work to be done may cover different topics including:

- sensori-motor control and reinforcement learning for humanoid robots
- learning motion primitives from observation,
- creating meaningful representations of knowledge by experience.

The work requires programming skills in C, C++ or Matlab. People interested on the real robot are very welcome. There exist the possibility of carrying out the work in Lisbon, Portugal.

Bayesian learning algorithms

Several opportunities related to the development and implementation of learning algorithms. The topics include regression and classification algorithms. Matlab or C++ programming required.

Brain Computer Interfaces

Several opportunities related to the development and implementation of learning algorithms applied to the classification of BCI signals.  Matlab or C++ programming required.

Contact me by email or pass by my office for further informations.


Luis Montesano

PhD, Universidad de Zaragoza

Departamento de Informática e Ingeniería de Sistemas
Edificio Ada Byron, Calle Maria Luna
50018, Zaragoza, Spain

phone: (+34) 876 555280
fax: (+34) 976 76 19 14