Angel Luis Garrido Marín 
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 Main Projects


      EMMA - MultiMedia Archive Environment



        Information Management Platform designed for Media
  • Newspaper articles and pages
  • Internet news
  • Pictures
  • Computer Graphics
  • Video
  • Books, magazines, photographs, negatives,...and so on
 Agile and powerful content retrieval

 Complete and precise tool for documentary work

 Easy to handle for end users

 Integrated with publishing systems

 Equipped with an interface layer for servicing websites

 Incorporates powerful security control systems




 Handles millions of items with a good performance

 Professional tools made by documentalists

 Automatisms to speed up the everyday work

 Advanced I & D Features:

  • Keywords Obtention
  • NLP tools
  • Able to automatically tag documents given a thesaurus thanks to NASS System
  • Recognition and Image Analysis

 Free, customizable and configurable


      The GENIE Framework Project



        GENIE is the acronym of GENeric Information Extraction Framework, a Research Project of Group of Distributed Information Systems (SID) at University of Zaragoza.

 An architectural proposal that implements a set of components which objective is to provide tools to make easier information extraction

 The main objective is to provide a general purpose platform capable of integrating all kinds of processes related to the information extraction.

  • Text Mining
  • Filtering
  • Auto tagging
  • Geolocation
  • Summarization
  • Clustering
  • Disambiguation

 Easy to use for developers

 Integrated with Java and .net




 To help Documentation Departments

 To create and to enhance search engines

 To provide advanced tools to CMS

 To develope information extraction software

 To facilitate research tasks

 To build Natural Language Processing software

 To automatice repetitive tasks related with documents management


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