Angel Luis Garrido Marín 
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Current Duties

  IT Manager at HENNEO

  Artificer and Designer of EMMA and MARIE, both Information Management Platform for Media implanted in:

  Creator of HERMES, a Printing Management & Logistics Software Suite

  Associate collaborator of University of Zaragoza

  Collaborator of DBPedia.es

  Technical Reviewer at


Angel Luis Garrido

Paseo Independencia 29



Professional Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence Topics: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Ontologies, and Semantic Web
  • Recommendation Systems, Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, and Text Mining
  • Big Data, Business Intelligence
  • Manufacturing, Logistics
  • BPMN
  • GUI and Usability
  • Collaborative and multidisciplinary projects
  • Research and Knowledge Transfer Projects
  • Teaching & Learning

Short Bio

Mr. Angel Luis Garrido is a Computer Engineer. He has been working for media companies for more than 20 years devoloping multimedia software for Newsrooms, and manufacturing and logistics systems for Printing Companies. His main contribution has been the development of EMMA, a flexible and adaptive software to manage both agency news and historical collections of multimedia files capable of integrate all kind of formats and providing it with security systems and web accessibility. Regarding production software he has designed a complete manufacturing and logistics control system for newspaper printing companies.

He also has been combining his work in the media with teaching at the University of Zaragoza during four years. After finishing his Master Research Degree, he has begun to perform tasks of project management research and knowledge transfer in collaboration with the Research Group of Distributed Information Systems (SID).


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