PhD Student at Universidad de Zaragoza.
Member of the Graphics & Imaging Lab, I3A Institute.
You can download my CV here.

Maria de Luna, 1. Edificio Ada Byron. 50018, Zaragoza (Spain).
Email: danims (at) unizar (dot) es
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Short biography: Hi! My name is Dani. I got my BSc and MSc in Computer Science at the Universidad de Zaragoza, and I'm currently a PhD student in the Graphics and Imaging Lab, under the supervision of Prof. Belen Masia and Prof. Diego Gutierrez. My research interests span virtual reality, and I'm interested in topics such as understanding and modeling human attention, multimodality, and content creation. However, I'm always looking forward to learning something new. During my PhD, I've been lucky to do a research stay in Adobe Research, under the supervision of Dr. Xin Sun. My non-academic interests include training calisthenics, good music (I'm an Avicii lover ◢◤), and catastrophic and apocalyptic movies. Oh, I also study Japanese in my free time! わたし わ ダニエル です。 わたし わ にほんご がくせい です。


Mid 2023

Double good news! This year I will be an intern at Adobe Research., from May to September, supervised by Dr. Aaron Hertzmann, and at Meta Reality Labs Research, from September to December, supervised by Dr. Michael Proulx. Super excited about both of them!

Dec 2022

Our work "A Study of Change Blindness in Immersive Environments" has been conditionally accepted for presentation at IEEE VR 2023 and for publication in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (IEEE TVCG).

Sep 2022

I successfully completed my research internship in Adobe Research, supervised by Dr. Xin Sun. What a great experience!

May 2022

Our work "SST-Sal: A Spherical Spatio-Temporal Approach for Saliency Prediction in 360º Videos" has been accepted to Computers & Graphics. Code and model are available in the project page.

May 2022

Our work "DriveRNN: Predicting Drivers’ Attention with Deep Recurrent Networks" has been accepted to Spanish Computer Graphics Conference (CEIG).

Mar 2022
Mar 2022
Jan 2022

Our work "ScanGAN360: A Generative Model of Realistic Scanpaths for 360º Images" has been accepted to IEEE VR 2022 Journal Track (which publishes in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics). Code and model are available in the project page.

Jan 2022

Our work "Multimodality in VR: A Survey" has been accepted to ACM Computing Surveys.