Overall information

SimHPN offers a collection of tools devoted to simulation, analysis and synthesis of discrete event systems modeled by hybrid Petri nets. SimHPN is embedded in the MATLAB environment what provides the considerable advantage of creating powerful algebraic, statistical and graphical instruments exploiting the high quality routines available in MATLAB. The main features of the software package are:

  • Simulation of hybrid Petri nets under infinite server and product semantics.
  • Import function from different graphical Petri net editors.
  • Different visualization options.
  • Computation of throughput bounds.
  • Computation of P-T-semiflows.
  • Optimal sensor placement.
  • Optimal steady-state.

Download section

Download demo version of SimHPN: SimHPN toolbox (compiled for MATLAB R2008a or newer)
Download the documentation of SimHPN : SimHPN documentation 
Download the Petri net editor (runs under Windows):

Contact us

If you are interested in the full version of the software including the source files (.m) or you have any problem with its utilization, please contact us by e-mail to: simhpnatunizar [dot] es

How to cite

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