Operation Planning of Elective Patients in an Orthopedic Surgery Department

TitleOperation Planning of Elective Patients in an Orthopedic Surgery Department
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsClavel, D, Mahulea C, Silva M, Albareda J
Conference Name2nd International Workshop on Models and Methods for healthcare systems management and planning (M2H) in ETFA 2016
Date Published09/2016
Conference LocationBerlin, Alemania
KeywordsLinear Programming Hospital Scheduling Operation Planning
AbstractThis paper considers the operation scheduling and planning of elective patients in the Orthopedic Department of the “Lozano Blesa” Hospital in Zaragoza. We assume an ordered list of patients that should be planned for surgery in two available rooms, each room being possible to be used for a specific duration per day. Based on the average durations of surgeries that have been computed by considering historical information, we propose a Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) problem to obtain a specific utilization rate per room. We have developed a Decision Support System (DSS) base on MILP that helps doctors in their daily planning. The results are tested on some real data from the hospital and some simulation results are provided.