Day of the 🐫 2022: OCaml in Academia and Industry

This website contains information about the academic and industrial event co-located with the Summer School on “Advanced programming techniques: the functional paradigm, which will be celebrated on September 9, 2022.

This one-day hybrid workshop will bring together people from academia and industry to tell us about the recent advances and roadmap in the OCaml language, as well as to enlighten us with real examples of OCaml applied in industry.


This workshop will take place on the Laboratorio de Aragón [Gobierno] Abierto, Plaza del Pilar nº3, edificio C, planta calle (50003 Zaragoza).

The event will be streamed live on the following Zoom webinar (passcode: 990826). Additionally, you can follow the event also streamed live on this Twitch channel.


The program of the workshop is as follows:

Morning - Language session

Afternoon - Industry session


This event is (partly) sponsored by the OCaml Software Foundation.