System Engineering. A Petri Net Based Approach to Modelling, Verification and Implementation.
MATCH Summer School

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  1. Basic Concepts of Petri nets (place transition nets, high level nets, examples).
  2. Modelling techniques and methods: (running) examples and case studies (from Flexible Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Workflow Systems,...).
  3. Tools for Petri nets (presentations and examples).
  4. High Level Petri nets (syntactical aspects, parametrization).
  5. Properties, Analysis and Verification (safeness and fairness properties,...; structural properties and subclasses of nets).
  6. Petri nets in specific application domains (Manufacturing systems, workflow systems, telecommunication systems).
  7. Advanced topics in Analysis and Verification (State space based and structural methods).

The lecturers are well known experts in modelling and verification of DEDS. They are involved in theoretical and applied research and are also collaborating with industry. They include:

W. v.d. Aalst (Eindhoven), J.M. Colom (Zaragoza), P. Estrailler (Paris), J. Ezpeleta (Zaragoza), B. Farwer (Hamburg), C. Girault (Paris), S. Haddad (Paris), J.M. Ilié (Paris), F. Kordon (Paris), D. Poitrenaud (Paris), M.O. Stehr (Hamburg), E. Teruel (Zaragoza), R. Valk (Hamburg), M. Voorhoeve (Eindhoven).