Performance Models for Discrete Event Systems with Synchronizations: Formalisms and Analysis Techniques.
MATCH Summer School

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Detailed Programme of the Performance Models Summer School
Day Session Title Professors Hours
Thursday 3rd a.m. General presentation M. Silva 30m.
(*) Basics on stochastic models and QN's (lecture) Y. Dallery 2h.
(**) Basics on PN's (lecture) E. Teruel 2h.
Untimed PN's (lecture) M. Silva 1h.
p.m. Timed and stochastic Petri nets (lecture) G. Chiola 1h.30m.
Examples and exercises G. Chiola 1h.
Friday 4th a.m. Logical properties of P/T nets (lecture) M. Silva 2h.
Performance measures (lecture) J. Campos 1h.30m.
p.m. Bounded GSPN's (lecture) G. Balbo 2h.
Introduction to tools (lecture and exercises) S. Donatelli 30m.
Saturday 5th a.m. Tools and exercises S. Donatelli 1h.
Well Formed Nets (lecture) G. Franceschinis 1h.30m.
Tools and exercises G. Franceschinis 1h.
p.m. Analysis of WFN's (lecture) C. Dutheillet 2h.
Overview of analysis techniques (lecture) G. Balbo 30m.
Monday 7th a.m. Stochastic process algebras (lecture) J. Hillston 2h.
Compositionality in SPA's/SPN's (lecture) H. Hermanns 1h.30m.
p.m. Comparison QN's/SPN's (lecture) G. Chiola 1h.
Simulation (lecture) A. Ferscha 1h.30m.
Tuesday 8th a.m. Stochastic WFN (lecture and exercises) G. Franceschinis 30m.
Exploiting symmetries (lecture) G. Franceschinis 1h.
Exploiting compositionality (lecture) S. Donatelli 2h.
p.m. Distributed (asynchronous) simulation (lecture) A. Ferscha 1h.
Distributed (synchronous) simulation (lecture) A. Ferscha 1h.30m.
Wednesday 9th a.m. Combining composition and aggregation (lecture) P. Moreaux 2h.
Performance bounds (lecture and exercises) J. Campos 1h.30m.
Thursday 10th a.m. General approach to decomposition based approximation methods (lecture) Y. Dallery 1h.
Approximation methods I (lecture) B. Baynat 1h.
Non-exponentially timed nets (lecture) G. Balbo 1h.30m.
p.m. One place unbounded SPN's (lecture) B. Haverkort 1h.30m.
Product form solutions I (lecture) M. Sereno 1h.
Friday 11th a.m. Product form solutions II (lecture) M. Sereno 1h.30m.
Approximation methods II (lecture) J. Campos 1h.
Epsilon-symmetries (lecture) G. Franceschinis 1h.
Closing session

(*) People with some background on PN's.
(**) People with some background on stochastic models and QN's.