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Conference Paper
[1455] Pérez, S, Facchini H, Mercado G, Bisaro L, Campos J.  2013.  EDCA 802.11e Performance under Different Scenarios. Quantitative Analysis. 27th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA’13).
[MayEHD] Mayordomo, E.  2004.  Effective Hausdorff dimension. Trends in Logic. 23:171-186.
[ESDAICC] Athreya, KB, Hitchcock JM, Lutz JH, Mayordomo E.  2004.  Effective Strong Dimension in Algorithmic Information and Computational Complexity. 2996:632-643.
[1253] Apaydin-Ozkan, H, Julvez J, Mahulea C, Silva M.  2009.  An Efficient Heuristics for Minimum Time Control of Continuous Petri nets. 3rd IFAC Conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems (2009).
[ZRS-EKA2001] Zimmermann, A, Rodríguez D, Silva M.  2001.  Ein effizientes Optimierungsverfahren für Petri Netz Modelle von Fertigungssystemen.
[1476] Timotei, A, Colom JM.  2013.  Enforcing Liveness in S3PR Nets by Specialization of Resources. 2nd International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems (ICORES 2013). :318-321. Abstract
[PMM-QoSA11a] Perez-Palacin, D, Mirandola R, Merseguer J.  2011.  Enhancing a QoS-based Self-adaptive Framework with Energy Management Capabilities. Quality of Software Architectures.
[RP-85-11] Silva, M, Velilla S.  1985.  Error detection and correction on Petri net models of discrete control systems. :921-924.
[RP-84-06] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1984.  Especificación y validación del control de sistemas flexibles de fabricación. :235-242.
[RP-79-03] Silva, M.  1979.  Evaluación de funciones lógicas: Generación óptima de código a partir de un grafo de decisiones binarias. :628-636.
[Cam-EVI-01] Campos, J.  2001.  Evaluación de Prestaciones de Sistemas Concurrentes Modelados con Redes de Petri. :141-156.
[MCM-JJCC-00] Merseguer, J, Campos J, Mena E.  2000.  Evaluating Performance on Mobile Agents Software Design. :291-307.
[RP-79-02] Silva, M.  1979.  Evaluation des performances des applications temps réel de type logique. :152-157.
[BuhMay95] Buhrman, H, Mayordomo E.  1995.  An excursion to the Kolmogorov random strings. :197-203.
[1309] Mayordomo, E, Blanco R.  2009.  Exhaustive mitochondrial phylogenetics: challenges and solutions. 9th Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics (WABI 2009).
[MC-SERP03] Merseguer, J, Campos J.  2003.  Exploring Roles for the UML Diagrams in Software Performance Engineering. :43-47.
[TricasMartinez95SMC] Tricas, F, Martínez J.  1995.  An Extension of the Liveness Theory for Concurrent Sequential Processes Competing for Shared Resources. :4119-4124.
[RP-95-21] Tricas, F, Martínez J.  1995.  An extension of the liveness theory for concurrent sequential processes competing for shared resources. :4119-4124.
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