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Book Chapter
[ICSilv87] Silva, M.  1987.  Towards a Synchrony Theory for P/T Nets. Concurrency and Nets. :435-460.
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[RP-91-31] Esparza, J, Silva M.  1991.  Compositional synthesis of live and bounded free-choice nets.
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[1327] [Anonymous].  2002.  International Workshop on Discrete Event Systems (WODES'02).
[RP-87-01] Silva, M.  1987.  Introducción a los Robots Industriales y sus aplicaciones.
[RP-93-57] Silva, M, Vernadat F.  1993.  Introducing Petri Nets.
[SC-MATCH20-98] Silva, M, Campos J.  1998.  Introduction to Net Driven Decomposition Techniques. :693-718.
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[RP-80-02] Sifakis, MJ, Silva M.  1980.  A la recherche dune métodologie de conception sure des automatismes logiques basée sur lutilisation des réseaux de Petri. :245-256.
[RP-85-08] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1985.  A language for the description of Concurrent Systems Modeled by Colored Petri nets. Application to the Control of Flexible Manufacturing Systems. :369-388.
[RP-85-01] Silva, M.  1985.  Las redes de Petri en la Automática y la Informática.
[RP-85-06] Silva, M.  1985.  Lenguajes para la programación de robots industriales. :11-80.
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[RP-85-07] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1985.  Modelling and Validation of Complex Systems modeled by Colored Petri Nets. 188:15-31.
[RP-91-32] Muro, P, Silva M.  1991.  Modelling, validation and software implementation of production systems using high-level Petri nets. :618-623.
[RP-93-56] Couvreur, JM, Silva M.  1993.  A new technique for finding a generating family of siphons, traps and st-components. 674:126-147.
[RP-91-18] Esparza, J, Silva M.  1991.  On the Analysis and Synthesis of Free Choice Systems. 483:243-286.
[RP-83-01] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1983.  A package for computer design of concurrent logic control systems. :243-248.
[RP-87-02] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1987.  Packages for validating discrete production systems modelled with Petri nets. :529-536.