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[TricasMartinez95SMC] Tricas, F, Martínez J.  1995.  An Extension of the Liveness Theory for Concurrent Sequential Processes Competing for Shared Resources. :4119-4124.
[RP-95-21] Tricas, F, Martínez J.  1995.  An extension of the liveness theory for concurrent sequential processes competing for shared resources. :4119-4124.
[RP-89-02] Murata, T, Silva M.  1989.  Fair control of discrete event systems via Petri nets. :19-23.
[1252] Seatzu, C, Mahulea C, Cabasino MP, Silva M.  2009.  Fault diagnoser design for untimed continuous Petri nets. 2009 IEEE Control Applications (CCA) & Intelligent Control (ISIC).
[1465] Wang, X, Mahulea C, Silva M.  2013.  Fault Diagnosis Graph of Time Petri Nets. ECC'13: European Control Conference.
[1282] Cabasino, MP, Seatzu C, Mahulea C, Silva M.  2010.  Fault diagnosis of manufacturing systems using continuous Petri nets. 2010 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics.
[1486] Rodríguez, RJ, Trubiani C, Merseguer J.  2012.  Fault-Tolerant Techniques and Security Mechanisms for Model-based Performance Prediction of Critical Systems. Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Architecting Critical Systems (ISARCS).
[DaLaLuMaFSDb] Dai, JJ, Lathrop JI, Lutz JH, Mayordomo E.  2001.  Finite state dimension. 2076:1028-1039.
[RP-90-03] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1990.  A first collection of challenging problems: A flexible manufacturing system.
[RP-90-05] Martínez, J, Ezpeleta J.  1990.  Flexible manufacturing system.
[1445] Silva, M, Mahulea C.  2011.  Fluidization and Fluid views of Discrete Event Systems. 15th Int. Conf. on System Theory, Control and Computing.
[IPKLMA08] Kloetzer, M, Mahulea C, Belta C, Recalde L, Silva M.  2008.  Formal analysis of timed continuous Petri net.
[RP-92-09] Ezpeleta, J, Martínez J.  1992.  Formal specification and validation in production plants. :64-73.
[IPJiReSi01] Jimenez, E, Recalde L, Silva M.  2001.  Forrester Diagrams and Continuous Petri Nets A Comparative View. :85-94.
[1392] de Casado, MG.  2010.  Fractional Positional Notation for Exact Rational Arithmetic. Computability in Europe 2010.
[1062] Olcoz, S, Colom JM.  1993.  A Framework for Automated Static Analysis of VHDL. First Asian Pacific Conference on Hardware Description Languages, Standards and Applications (APCHDLSA'93). :71-75.
[1548] Silva, M, Mahulea C.  2014.  From Discrete to Continuous Models: A Perspective on Fluidization of Petri Nets. ECC'2014: European Control Conference.
[LGMC-WOSP02] López-Grao, JP, Merseguer J, Campos J.  2004.  From UML Activity Diagrams to Stochastic Petri Nets: Application to Software Performance Engineering. :25-36.
[BDM-WOSP-02] Bernardi, S, Donatelli S, Merseguer J.  2002.  From UML Sequence Diagrams and Statecharts to analysable Petri Net models. :35-45.
[252] Campos, J, Colom JM, Jungnitz H, Silva M.  1993.  A General Iterative Technique for Approximate Throughput Computation of Stochastic Marked Graphs. IEEE 5th International Workshop on Petri Nets and Performance Models (PNPM'93). :138-147.
[RP-88-07] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1988.  GRAMAN: A Graphic System for Manufacturing System Design. :79-84.
[RP-89-17] Martínez, J, Silva M.  1989.  GRAMAN: a graphic system for manufacturing system design. :311-316.
[LCRM06] Lobov, A, Popescu C, Rodríguez D, Lastra L.  2006.  A Graphical Environment for Modeling and Analysis of Concurrent Systems in Manufacturing: An Educational Perspective.
[RP-84-05] Pardos, P, Silva M.  1984.  Hacia la definición de un sistema de programación y control de robots. :139-146.
[RP-80-04] Silva, M.  1980.  Hacia una nueva concepción del análisis y diseño de los sistemas lógicos secuenciales. :14-33.