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[1557] Kloetzer, M, Mahulea C.  2016.  Multi-Robot Path Planning for Syntactically Co-Safe LTL Specifications. WODES'2016: 13rd IFAC International Workshop on Discrete Event Systems.
[RP-89-11] Tardós, Silva M.  1989.  Multisensor Object Recognition using an Hypothesis-Verification Scheme. :265-272.
[1477] Timotei, A, Colom JM.  2013.  A New Approach to Prevent Deadlock in S3PR Nets with Unreplicable Resources. 2nd International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems (ICORES 2013). :252-257. Abstract
[1254] Seatzu, C, Cabasino MP, Mahulea C, Silva M.  2009.  New results for fault detection of untimed continuous Petri nets. 48th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control.
[RP-91-34] Ezpeleta, J, Couvreur JM.  1991.  A new technique for finding a generating family of siphons, traps and st-components. Application to colored Petri Nets. :145-164.
[BalMay95] Balcázar, JL, Mayordomo E.  1995.  A note on genericity and bi immunity. :193-196.
[IPMARESI08] Mahulea, C, Recalde L, Silva M.  2008.  Observability of Timed Continuous Petri Nets: A Class of Hybrid Systems.
[1250] Mahulea, C, Seatzu C, Cabasino MP, Recalde L, Silva M.  2009.  Observer Design for Untimed Continuous Petri Nets. ACC'09: Proceedings of the 2009 conference on American Control Conference.
[IPCoGiSeJu03] Corona, D, Giua A, Seatzu C, Julvez J.  2003.  Observers for nondeterministic l-free labeled Petri nets.
[PJCS-96c] Pérez-Jiménez, CJ, Campos J, Silva M.  1996.  On Approximate Performance Evaluation of Manufacturing Systems Modelled with Weighted T Systems. :201-207.
[PJCS-95] Pérez-Jiménez, CJ, Campos J, Silva M.  1995.  On Approximate Throughput Computation of Deterministic Systems of Sequential Processes. :156-171.
[IPJiJuReSi05] Jimenez, E, Julvez J, Recalde L, Silva M.  2005.  On Controllability of Timed Continuous Petri Net Systems: the Join Free Case. :7645-7650.
[IPVaRaReSi08] Vázquez, CR, Ramirez A, Recalde L, Silva M.  2008.  On Controllability of Timed Continuous Petri Nets. Lectures Notes in Computer Science. 4981:528–541.
[IPJuReSi02] Julvez, J, Recalde L, Silva M.  2002.  On deadlock freeness analysis of autonomous and timed continuous mono T semiflow nets. :781-786.
[1446] Cabasino, MP, Giua A, Mahulea C, Seatzu C.  2011.  On Decentralized Observability of Discrete Event Systems. 50th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference.
[IPSiRe03] Silva, M, Recalde L.  2003.  On fluidification of Petri net models: from discrete to hybrid and continuous models. :9-20.
[1540] Clavel, D, Mahulea C, Silva M.  2016.  On Liveness Enforcement of DSSP net systems. 52nd IEEE Annual Conference on Decision and Control (CDC). Abstract
[IPJuJiReSi04a] Julvez, J, Jimenez E, Recalde L, Silva M.  2004.  On Observability in Timed Continuous Petri Net Systems. :60-69.
[RCS-Atlanta-93] Ramirez, A, Campos J, Silva M.  1993.  On Optimal Scheduling in DEDS. :821-826.
[BC-QEST-04] Bernardi, S, Campos J.  2004.  On Performance Bounds for Interval Time Petri Nets. :50-59.
[IPMaReSi06] Mahulea, C, Recalde L, Silva M.  2006.  On performance monotonicity and basic servers semantics of continuous Petri nets. :345–351.
[RP-91-26] Silva, M, Watanabe T.  1991.  On periodic schedules for deterministically timed Petri nets systems. :210-215.
[IPJuReSi03a] Julvez, J, Recalde L, Silva M.  2003.  On reachability in autonomous continuous Petri net systems.
[IPMaGiReSeSi06] Mahulea, C, Giua A, Recalde L, Seatzu C, Silva M.  2006.  On sampling continuous timed Petri nets: reachability "equivalence" under infinite servers semantics. :37–43.
[1346] Colom, JM, Silva M, Villarroel JL.  1986.  On software implementation of Petri Nets and Colored Petri Nets using high-level concurrent languages. Seventh European Workshop on Application and Theory of Petri Nets. :207-241.