Wed, 18/12/2002 (All day)
The Group of Discrete Event Systems Engineering is accredited as "Consolidated Research Group" by the Aragonese Government
Fri, 29/11/2002 (All day)
"Sistemas de eventos discretos continuizados: análisis y control desde una perspectiva basada en las redes de Petri"
Wed, 02/10/2002 (All day)
Detailed information about the WODES'02.
Wed, 12/06/2002 (All day)
Check this link to read more about this conference on concurrency (spanish only).
Mon, 06/09/1999 (All day)

Detailed information about the different workshops can be found here.

Thu, 03/09/1998 (All day)
Here you will find detailed information about MATCH'98.