Seminar: Understanding Life through Modelling in an Era of Data Enriched Biology

Thu, 28/11/2013 - 11:00 - 11:30

Speaker: Dr. Duygu Dikicioglu, Dept. Biochemistry & Cambridge Systems Biology Centre, Univ. of Cambridge.

Jueves 28 de noviembre de 2013, de 11:00 a 11:30, en el seminario del departamento.

Summary:  The biotechnology industry has grown in an unprecedented way in recent years owing to advances in fields like molecular modelling, systems biology, disease characterization, or pharmaceutical discovery. Systems biology aims to achieve a quantitative phenotypic description of a biological system. Advances in this particular field have been incorporated in fundamental and applied research. Efforts were focused mainly on the high-throughput analysis of cell parts and genome-scale metabolic modelling. The utilization of such approaches in biotechnology aims to achieve a systems level understanding of the microorganisms that are suitable models in biomedical research or are efficient cell factories for the production of high value commodities. Currently, vast amounts of data are being produced with the new experimental technologies, producing a bottleneck in their analysis. Improved bioinformatics tools and models are currently being developed and employed to capitalize the data on becoming accessible in biotechnology applications. This talk will focus on currently faced challenges in systems biology and several initiatives taken towards addressing several different problems in the topic.

Seminario del DIIS
María de Luna, 1 Zaragoza