Seminar - Tracking Control of Join-Free Timed Continuous Petri Net Systems

Mon, 20/03/2006 (All day)
Title: Tracking Control of Join-Free Timed Continuous Petri Net Systems
Lecturer: Dr. Xu Jing (Universidad de Zaragoza)
Lunes 20 de marzo, 2006; 17:30 h., Seminario del DIIS, Edificio Ada Byron
Abstract: A novel low-and-high gain algorithm is presented for tracking control of timed continuous Petri Net (contPN) systems working under infinite servers semantics. The inherent properties of timed contPN determine that the control signals must be non-negative and upper bounded by functions of system states. In the proposed control approach, LQ theory is first utilized to design a low gain controller such that the control signals satisfy the input constraints. Based on the low gain controller, a high gain controller is further added to fully employ available control energy, and control performance can be improved consequently. In order to guarantee behavioral smoothness and global tracking convergence, a new tracking mixed trajectory (state step and ramp) is utilized instead of a pure step reference signal. The new tracking trajectory is designed to ensure the tracking convergence and possible fast system response concurrently. Rigorous proof based on Lyapunov function is provided to guarantee that for a conservative and strongly connected Join-Free (JF) timed systems, the proposed algorithm can ensure the global asymptotical convergence of both system states and control signals.