Seminar - Modeling and Verification of Hybrid Systems

Tue, 10/02/2009 (All day)
Fecha, hora y lugar:

Tres sesiones (día, hora y lugar):

  1. martes 10/02 de 16:00 a 19:00 (Seminario del Depto)
  2. miércoles 11/02 de 11:00 a 14:00 (Seminario24, 2ªplanta)
  3. jueves 12/02 de 16:00 a 19:00 (Seminario del Depto)


Recent technological innovations have caused a considerable interest in the study of dynamical processes of a mixed continuous and discrete nature. Such processes are called hybrid systems and are characterized by the interaction of time-continuous models (governed by differential or difference equations) on the one hand, and logic rules and discrete-event systems (described by, e.g., automata, finite state machines, etc.) on the other. In practise a hybrid system arises, e.g., when continuous physical processes are controlled via embedded software that intrinsically has a finite number of states. An overview of the field of hybrid systems will be offered first. Then aspects related to modelling and verification through reachability methods and abstractions will be particularly emphasised.

Prof. Janan Zaytoon:

Professor of Automatic Control, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, his main research area is Modelling, simulation, analysis, validation and control of discrete event and hybrid systems. Director of CReSTIC (Centre de Recherche en Science et Techniques de l’Information et la Communication de l’Université de Reims), a center that groups 150 members (25 Professors, 60 Lecturers and Associate Professors, 50 PhD students, 10 Post-doc, 10 technical and administrative persons) and Director of GDR MACS (Groupement du Recherche en Modélisation, Analyse et Commande des Systèmes réactifs) of CNRS, a national research network in charge of the scientific acivity of the French Community in Automatic Control and Production Systems (about 2.000 researchers involved). IFAC Council Member and Head of the IFAC French NMO (National Member Organizer), he has published more than 200 journal & conference papers, books, book chapters and patents. Editor of /Control Engineering Practice/ and /Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems/; Associate Editor of /Discrete Event Dynamic Systems/, /IET Control Theory and Applications/, and /International Review of Automatic Control/; is Member of the Publication Committee of IFAC, and editor of 20 special journal issues and 16 conferences.