PhD position (profile systems modeling or software engineering)

Wed, 24/01/2007 (All day)
PhD position

TEDLOT project: Formal techniques in the analysis and design of dynamic discrete event and hybrid systems. Application to logistic and real time systems.


Systems Engineering and Discrete Event Systems Group
Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering
University of Zaragoza,

PERIOD: 4 years

CONDITIONS: 13500 euros/year gross + Health Insurance + international conferences assistance

Applicants must have MSc (or equivalent) degree in Computer Science obtained after january 2003.

RESEARCH TOPIC (Applicants must select one of the following):

  • Profile A (Systems modeling):

    Modelling of complex and large scale systems to allow analysis of problems concerning resource allocation. These systems are built on a set of processes (task on distributed computing, processes on computer networks, etc) that compete for shared and limited resources (communication channels, bandwidth, processors, etc). The analysis allow to find out and, eventually, to solve problems of deadlocks, congestion in networks, etc. Petri nets and "ad-hoc" models from graph theory will be used to model these systems. The analysis will be developed around structural information of the model and/or distributed simulation results.

  • Profile B (Software engineering):

    Non-functional analysis (security, fault-tolerance, dependability) of new software architectures (SOC/SOA, mobile agents, product lines) using UML.

For both Profiles:

Model construction and its synthesis and analysis using formal methods are key topics, with the focus on solving problems in the target application domains.

APPLICATIONS: from 23 january to 6 february at the web page of the Ministry of Education

For further information, please contact with:

  • Profile A (Systems modeling): Unai Arronategui, unaiatunizar [dot] es
  • Profile B (Software engineering): José Merseguer, jmerseatunizar [dot] es