Controllability and modular-coordinated control on timed continuous Petri nets

Tue, 14/06/2011 - 12:00

Speaker: Carlos Renato Vázquez


Timed continuous Petri net (TCPN) systems are piecewise-linear models with input constraints that can approximate the dynamical behavior of a class of stochastically timed discrete Petri nets. In this way, a control law synthesized for a TCPN system can be transformed into a control law that drives the average marking of the original discrete model towards a desired value, which may be interesting in several kinds of systems.

In the first part of this talk, the controllability for TCPN systems is studied, which is an important property to be considered for the synthesis of controllers. For this, a concept of controllability, over subsets of markings of the reachable polytope, is proposed. The controllability property is then studied for two cases: systems in which all the transitions are controllable, and systems with uncontrollable transitions.
The second part of the talk is devoted to the synthesis of a coordinated-control strategy for large TCPN systems, that can be seen as a set of disjoint TCPN modules interconnected by places. The goal of the control scheme is to transfer the system in such a way that each module reaches a desired marking.

Seminar room, DIIS