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Graduate courses

Introduction to Gaussian Processes and Active Learning:
Regression, Classification, Experimental Design and Bayesian Optimization.

Practical session at the 18th Machine Learning Summer School.


Undergraduate courses

Automatic Systems (Control Theory)

  • Fall 2016-17

The materials of the course can be found in the Moodle platform.

Fundamentals of computer science (CS 101)

  • Spring 2018-19
  • Spring 2017-18
  • Spring 2015-16
  • Fall 2014-15
  • Fall 2013-14
  • Fall 2012-13
  • Spring 2011-12
  • Spring 2010-11

The materials of the course can be found in the Moodle platform.

Other courses

Advanced Cybersecurity

  • Spring 2019
  • Fall 2016

Internships and Master Theses

If you are a student at Universidad de Zaragoza, the Academia General Militar or you want to do an internship at the Centro Universitario de la Defensa, you might be interested in one project about machine learning, developmental robotics or nonlinear optimization. For any question or inquiry, contact me through email:

rmcantin (at) unizar.es

Please note that, at this moment, I cannot provide any financial support for internships. If you are interested in getting a PhD or working as a Postdoc, send me you CV and it will be automatically included in the selection as soon as a new position is available.

Also, while contacting me, tell me which kind of project would you be interested in.

Typically, projects are developed C/C++, Matlab or Python. Depending on the project, experience in Linux is recommendable but not mandatory.