EasyROP: building ROP chains by using Turing theory

EasyROP allows you to search Turing-machine operations formed by ROP gadgets and automatically generate ROP chains in Portable Executable (PE) files. EasyROP is based in Capstone Disassembly Framework to facilitate the disassembling process.

EasyROP is published under GNU GPLv3 license. Source code is available at the github project page.

DLLs used for experimentation in the technical report are available at this link.

Feel free to ping me if you’re interested in the project, I’ll be glad to further collaborate!

If you are interested in citing this set, please use the following (BiBTeX format):

author = {Ricardo J. Rodr\'{i}guez and Daniel Uroz},
title = {{When ROP meets Turing: Automatic Generation of ROP Chains using Turing-Complete Instruction Setse}},
institution = {Dept. of Computer Sciences and System Engineering, University of Zaragoza},
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