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OMV (Ontology Metadata Vocabulary): a metadata scheme describing ontologies and ontological content from a multitude of perspectives. The metadata scheme, currently implemented by means of the OWL language, is compatible to standardized general-purpose metadata formats like Dublin Core and can be integrated in various ontology management facilities, from central ontology repositories to sharing ontologies across the Web.

OYSTER:is a Java-based system exploiting Semantic Web technologies to implement facilities by which ontology developers can manage, search and exchange metadata about ontologies in a P2P network. The usage of a pre-defined ontology metadata model (in this case the OMV) provides a means for Oyster peers to comfortably search for (reusable) ontologies and to publish or advertise their own ontological sources across the network at early ontology development stages.

SWOOGLE: An ontology search engine.

ONTHOLOGY:An Anthology of Ontologies, it is an ontology repository using the OMV metadata schema to describe, classify, access, evaluate and store ontologies. Due to its metadata-driven nature the repository allows ontology developers and users to implement different levels of sharing and reuse of ontologies, from freely publishing to marketing ontological content under specific usage licences.

The ontology metadata repository uses the collaborative software and ontology engineering platform (OntoWare). At, where the up-to-date software version, news, examples and reference applications can be found as well.


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