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I am taking my PhD in Computer Science under the supervision of Eduardo Mena .

Computer Science and
System Engineering

Centro Politécnico

de Zaragoza

de Información

Edificio Ada Byron
María de Luna, 1
E-50018 Zaragoza, Spain

My main areas of interest vary from ubiquitous computing to ontologies. I am member of the Distributed Information Systems Group.


My publications
Digital Library of the BDI group


An automatic semantic query generator in a selectable target query language
A keyword-based ontology integrator, it builds a new ontology integrating knowledge extracted during the disambiguation of the input keywords
Location-dependent queries with location granules
Study of the impact of using different location granularities in location-dependent queries, and its integration within LOQOMOTION, a system to process continuous location-dependent queries.
Current tasks
A list of my current tasks and their status

Interesting Links

Some interesting links to related issues

Agents School 2006
A workshop which I attended to on 2006 spring (there includes the slides of many of the lectures)
Summer School on Ontological Engineering and the Semantic Web 2007
I attended this summer to the fifth summer school on semantic web was held in Cercedilla (Madrid), Spain

Other Links

Despite of what my PhD. Supervisor says, there is life beyond Computer Science and Ontologies ... I've got some proofs of that :D.

Balonmano Maristas
My handball team's home page (we are going through bad times, but we rill rise again :) )