Generator of Synthetic Data for the Evaluation of Context-Aware Recommendation Systems


DataGenCARS is a complete Java-based synthetic dataset generator for the evaluation of Context-Aware Recommendation Systems (CARS).  The generator presents a high flexibility in the obtaining of datasets in several scenarios of items recommendation (with context or without context).

Some key features of Data-GenCARS are listed below:

- Flexible de nfition of user schemas, item schemas and context schemas.

- Flexible de nfition of user profi les.

- Realistic generation of ratings and attributes of items.

- The automatic mapping between item schemas and Java classes.

- The possibility to mix real and synthetic datasets and of replicating existing real datasets.

User Manual:

DataGenCARS Quick user guide

DataGenCARS Quick user guide-1.1 beta

Java documentation:  The Java documentation generated by DataGenCARS can be downloaded here.

Download API:


datagencars-1.1 (beta)