MObile cONtext-aware RecommendatIon SystEm


We propose the framework MOONRISE, which facilitates the development of context-aware recommendation applications in mobile computing environments.


MOONRISE’s architecture

In this Web we describe each of the architecture levels:

  •  View Layer: This layer reflects the main componentsof the Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  •  Logic Layer: This layer contains the main modules of the system.

Push-Based Recommendations: implicit recommendations provide to the user based only on the “user’s profile” and the “current context”, without a previous request by the user.
Pull-Based Recommendations: explicit recommendations with a previous request by the user, by using keywords and context constraints.

  • Data Layer: This layer provides access to data relevant for the recommendation process, such as maps of the environment or external data sources. Besides, the mobile device of the user can exchange data with others in a peer-to-peer way.

Download API:

At the moment we have a version of the framework MOONRISE:

  • MOONRISE 1.0: Click the link for download the first version of the framework developed in Java.

Main Related Publications:


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