Here there are some photos taken during this travel,
made in the summer of 1997
(if you click on any of them, you will obtain a larger image)

The City Hall of Oslo

Frogner's Park, that contains dozens of sculptures of Vigeland

A little lake in the Frogner/Vigeland's Park

Holmenkollen bottom side: in summer, a lake

The Holmenkollen Olympic ski-jump

Another view of Holmenkollen

A view of Karl Johäns street

Another view, with the Royal Palace at the end

The Norwegian Parliament

A Viking Church at the Norwegian Museum

A Viking ship, at the Museum of Vikings Ships

A sea phare on the Oslo fjord

Summer houses on an island at Oslo fjord

Oslo by... nigth? (at 23h)

The polar bear and the sloth one

On the Hardanger meseta (very cold)

A typical Sami shop, in the meseta

The Voringfossen waterfall (take 1)

The valley from Voringfossen waterfall

The Voringfossen waterfall (take 2)

A little waterfall in front of Voringfossen

The Hardanger-fjord

A waterfall in the way to Bergen (this photo was taken from the bus, while it moves)

Close to a troll, in the Floyfjellet hill (Bergen)

Close to the statue of Eduard Grieg, in his last house

The last house of Grieg, at Trollhaugen (near Bergen)

Grieg was inspired by twilights like this one, on the Trollhaugen-fjord

Hanseatic buildings at Bergen (currently they are souvenir shops)

A waterfall on the road from Bergen to Flam

The Kjosfossen waterfall, on the Flam railway

Another view of the Kjosfossen waterfall (Height=93 m)

Rjoandefossen waterfall, heigth=147 m (photo taken from the train to Flam)

Sogne fjord (take 1)

Sogne fjord (take 2)

Sogne fjord (take 3)

Glacier of Boyabreen

The fjord of Loen

With my friends at Loen: Manolo, Loli and Begoña

The river that goes into Loen's fjord

Dinning reindeer at Loen

Loen by... night? (at 0h15')

Glacier of Briksdalsbreen

At the Briksdalsbreen glacier

The best of my Briksdalsbreen photos

A detail of the glacier ice

The river that spouts from the glacier...

...and the waterfall on that river (note the horses over the bridge!)

Another view of that waterfall

A lake near Dalsnibba, that was frozen just until a week before we arrive to it

Another photo of this lake

The Geirangerfjord from Flydalsjuvet (I am in this photo!)

Waterfall of the Seven Sisters, at Geirangerfjord

Another image of this waterfall

The frontal view of this waterfall is no so spectacular...

Just in front of the Seven Sisters is the Big Lover waterfall... we can see in this photo

An image of the Geirangerfjord. In only two words: IM-PRESSIVE

Another impressive image of Geirangerfjord

Seagulls eating from the hand, at Geirangerfjord

Geirangerjord panorama (saying goodbye from the bus)

Panorama of Alesund

Some streets of Alesund are canals

In the way to Molde (over a ferry)

The Atlantic Road ends abruptly!

No: there was only an optical effect

Arriving to Kristiansund by ferry

With the woman of the bacalao, at Kristiansund

Going to Trondheim

On a bridge over the Nydelven river, with more hanseatic buildings

The Cathedral of Trondheim (Ghotic-Norman style)

Torge Square: the center of Trondheim

Panorama of Trondheim, from the Castle

An old people's home at the center of Trondheim

Interior view of the Cathedral of Trondheim (I'm very proud of this photo!)

At Gjovik: who said that comparisons are odious?

With my friends at a park in Gjovik

The ancient office of a tax collector (Maihaugen Museum, Lillehammer)

A viking church of wood (Maihaugen Museum)

Altarpiece of this viking church. The Last Supper was extracted from only one piece of wood!

Panorama of Lillehammer, from the top of the Olympic ski-jumps

There is an ski-jumper in this photo, and is August!

Back in Oslo: the entrance to its City Hall

The very informative clock on the façade of the City Hall: could you say me what time is it?

At the entrance of the Aker Brygge (again with a woman statue!)

Loli is saying Begoña that they will be present in this photo, were we can see a little panorama of the port... and the omnipresent City Hall at the end!

The royal fortress near the port

Taking an ice-cream, just before to go to the airport

In the airport, with the Toblerone that I promised to take with my friends at Barcelona...

Panorama of Bergen from the Floyfjellet hill (this is the junction of two photos, not an APS photo). That appears on the rigth is a storm over the sea, that finally falls over us.

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