" I'm currently a Marie Curie Postdoc researcher at the University of Zaragoza, working in the Graphics and Imaging Lab directed by Diego Gutierrez. I hold a position funded by the EU project Golem. Before, I was a researcher at the Visual Computing Group at CRS4 (2007-2012) leaded by Enrico Gobbetti. Under his supervision I received a Ph.D. Degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the University of Cagliari (Italy, 2011). My Ph.D. thesis is available here. Before moving to Italy, I worked in VideaLAB, a computer graphics lab in the School of Civil Engineering at the University of A Coruña. I have received both Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher and Experienced Researcher grants from the European Union. I have worked for 5 different EU projects and collaborated with multidisciplinar research institutions. In the beginning, I received a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of a Coruña (Spain, 2006). "

Research Interests

" My main professional interest is to work and lead cutting-edge research and development activities related with computer graphics. My research work has been focused mainly on multi-resolution and compression domain volume rendering techniques that exploit GPU hardware and compressed representations of volumetric datasets. My research also covered specialized rendering on light-field displays, GPU-accelerated segmentation algorithms or virtual humans and virtual reality to cite a few examples. Together with my colleagues, we have proposed out-of-core rendering techniques which have inspired further work by other research scientists, medical imaging companies or it has been integrated as part of larger systems to accelerate cinematic lighting pipelines in the movie industry. As part of my current job in Zaragoza, I have recently started to investigate biophysically-based human skin modeling and rendering to improve virtual humans realism. "