ABS-MindHeart: an agent-based simulator of the influence of mindfulness programs in heart rate varaibility


ABS-MindHeart is an agent-based simulator of mindfulness programs for estimating their influence on the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) of a group of practitioners. This system receives input from the mindfulness programs, the number of iterations (i.e. the number of meditation hours), the number of practitioners, and their average initial HRV. It simulates the practice of a particular mindfulness program, and it provides the HRV of practitioners as output. It also presents a chart of the evolution of the average HRV for the different iterations of the simulation.

In this website, ABS-MindHeart is distributed in three different ways. First, there is a mobile application, so that users can install it on their phones. Second, the code source is released so that instructors and developers can easily define new mindfulness programs and simulate these. Finally, the is an online version so that users can test the application from a browser with Internet connection, without needing to install it.


The authors of this work follow:

Dowload the App

The ABS-MindHeart app is available for Android from Google Play.

The source code

The source code is available from the following zip file:

Users can define a new mindfulness program by extending the Instructor class and implementing its Live method.

Developers can directly use this source code for changing the online version tool. For compiling the app, developers need to create a new Cordova Apache project and include the current source code.

Online version

The following link will redirect you to the online version of ABS-MindHeart:

For running this online version, it is necessary that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.