ABSEM: An agent-based simulator of emotions in mindfulness programs


ABSEM is an agent-based simulator of mindfulness programs for estimating their influence on the emotions of a group of practitioners. This system receives input from the mindfulness programs, the number of iterations (i.e. the number of meditation hours), the number of practitioners, and their initial emotions. It simulates the practice of a particular mindfulness program, and it provides the emotions of practitioners. It also presents the bodily map of a practitioner.


The authors of this work follow:


The ABSEM application is available from the following file:

For running the aforementioned application, one needs to have installed Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 7u45 (or above), which is available from the Java Oracle website.

Users need to unzip the file and double click on the "absem.jar" file.

This version simulates predefined mindfulnes programs. In case the users want to define new mindfulness programs, they need to download the source code version available from the next section

The source code

The source code is available from the following zip file:

Users can define new mindfulness programs in the "instructor" package by extending the InstructorAgent class and implementing its Live method.

The source is distributed as a Netbeans project. In case you have another IDE, you just need to use the "src" and "img" folders and create a new project from the sources in the src folder.

Online documentation

The following link will redirect you to the online JavaDoc documentation of the sources of ABSEM.

This documentation is intended for developers that are going to use the source code of the current simulator.