Fudge is a type of confectionery, usually made with sugar, milk, butter and flavoring, and often chocolate.
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This page contains the tool Fudge described in the paper "Fudge: Fuzzy Ontology Building with Consensuated FuzzyDatatypes" by Ignacio Huitzil, Fernando Bobillo,Juan Gómez-Romero,Umberto Straccia.

Fudge (FUzzy Datatypes from a Group of Experts) is a software (made on Java and use OWLAPI to manage OWL 2 ontologies represented in Fuzzy OWL 2 language) that generates a consensuated aggregation of fuzzydatatypes.

The tool receives a folder containing the input files, and it imports all the .owl files in the folder. We assume that each of the input files includes a Fuzzy OWL 2 ontology (that is, an OWL 2 ontology where datatypes can have an OWL 2 annotation describing the parameters of the fuzzy function). As an output, Fudge creates a new ontology with the axioms included in the input files, except the declarations of the datatypes, which is unique. That is, if two or more files have a datatype with the same name, it only adds a consensuated one to the output ontology.

With Fudge the users select the input ontologies, the type of consensus (aggregation operator) and the necessary parameters:
-Vector of weights for CONV-RRF, CONV-LRF and WMEAN. Figure a) shows the vector of weights of three ontologies.
-The type of fuzzy quantifier and its parameters for LOWA-RRF, LOWA-LRF and FOWA. The figures b) ,c) and e) present the Fuzzy quantifiers.
-Recursive weights is a way to create the vector of weights with Left Recursive Form LRF and Right Recursive Form RRF. The Figure d) shows a an exmaple of LRF and an orness of 0.6.

GUI of Fudge: selection of input files and aggregation operator
a) GUI of Fudge: vector of weights
b) GUI of Fudge: selection of right-shoulder quantifier
c) GUI of Fudge: selection of linear quantifier
d) GUI of Fudge: Recursive Form (LRF and RRF)
e) GUI of Fudge:The user can modify the parameters of each fuzzy quantifier and to view the customized graph

Fudge app is developed on Android platform, some screenshot are visible in the Figure a)-c).

a)Fudge app: main interface
b) Fudge app: quantifiers interface
c) Fudge app: Recursive Form (LRF and RRF)