2023-12-21 - Paper in ESM 2023: A Proposal for Federated Chatbots for Distributed Information Access

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I’ve been spending some time adding features to a chatbot, which I’m using as a personal information manager (PIM). Given the fact that there are some ideas that could be useful for other people, I sent a proposal to a conference where we’ve published some work in the past, the The 37th annual European Simulation and Modelling Conference.

The conference was held at ISAE SUPAERO, Toulouse, France, Octobre 24-26, 2023.

The paper was published and you can read it now. It is availabe as a longer version at A proposal for federated chatbots for distributed information access (extended version). You can also see the slides from the conference presentation: A proposal for federated chatbots for distributed information access


Chatbots can be a good way to interact with IoT devices, and other information systems: they can provide information with a convenient interface for casual or frequent interaction. Sometimes there can be good reasons to have more than one chatbot: maybe we have several computers, or diverse infrastructure, with different access conditions. This work concentrates on this case, when it can be useful to establish a method for them to work in a cooperative way. In principle, coordination is a good property: each one of these chatbots can be devoted to solve different tasks and our users can have different needs when accessing to every capability of each chatbot. In this paper we are proposing an architecture for several chatbots that can interact via a command and control channel, requesting actions for other bots and collecting the replies in order to pass them to the user. The chatbot infrastructure is lightweight, and it can use public (but not publicly viewable) infrastructure providing an easy way to start a project with it.

And you can reference it (if you want) as: Tricas, F. ‘A PROPOSAL FOR FEDERATED CHATBOTS FOR DISTRIBUTED INFORMATION ACCESS’ submitted (and accepted) at the ESM®’2023 (The 37th annual European Simulation and Modelling Conference) October 2023, Toulouse, France, pp. 151–154.

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